Learn the rules for flying with a baby

Traditional lines

Low-cost lines

Purchase of an air ticket

The fees depend on the airline, while the standard price of a ticket for infants and toddlers up to two years of age is lower than the price of a ticket for an adult.


  • travel to Schengen area countries: the child must have a valid ID card or passport
  • travel to countries outside the Schengen area: the child must have a valid passport and a visa, if required

Stroller transportation

You can take a baby stroller on the plane for free, which must be checked in at the check-in or left at the airport right next to the plane. The stroller will be tagged, as will your luggage, and will go to the hold.

Baby food

It is allowed to bring food for infants on the plane, including but not limited to: formula milk, liquid milk, water and fruit juices in quantities intended for consumption during air travel. Please note that baby food and drink will be screened for security.

More about passing the security control with a child: At the Airport.