The comfort of our passengers is extremely important to us, which is why we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • The required documents for the child are a valid ID card or passport. In the case of a child’s travel with a guardian who is not his/her parent, we recommend taking a statement issued by the parents, authorising the indicated person to accompany the child during the journey.

    If in doubt, please contact the Border Guard Post in Poznań-Ławica:

    Phone: +48 61 861 13 00
    E-mail: poznan@strazgraniczna.pl

  • People suffering from diabetes can carry medicines and an insulin pen in their hand luggage.

    Passengers are advised to bring a medical certificate confirming that these are medical supplies necessary for their own needs.

  • It is allowed to carry meals and drinks for infants in the hand luggage in the amount necessary for the time of air travel. Therefore, you can safely take powdered milk, liquid milk, food jars or fruit juices for your baby on the plane.

    Please note that baby food and drink will be screened together with your hand luggage. Therefore, they must be placed separately in the hand luggage box.

  • Alcohol and cigarettes may only be brought into the UK from an EU Member State for personal use. Although there are no strict limits, the amounts intended for personal use are: up to 800 cigarettes, up to 1 kg of tobacco, up to 110 liters of beer, up to 90 liters of wine and up to 10 liters of strong alcohol.

    More information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the “Pole abroad” tab at:

    We also recommend that you ask the customs authorities of the country to which you are going for detailed information.

  • The list of prohibited and allowed items is available on the airport’s website in the redirection to section tab and on the website of the Civil Aviation Office.

  • Food (sweets, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit) can be carried in hand luggage. However, all liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers with a maximum volume of 100ml/100g.
    The containers should be placed in a resealable, transparent plastic bag with a capacity of up to 1 liter, and the content of the plastic bag fits freely and the bag is tightly closed. A passenger may carry 1 plastic bag with liquid containers in hand luggage.

    More about hand luggage.

  • We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance (2 hours) as check-in and security checks can be time-consuming.
    Arriving at the airport late may result in the passenger not being allowed to board the plane!

  • Bus line 59 runs directly between the Railway Station/Bus Station and the Airport. The current timetables can be found here.

    More information on how to get to/from Poznań Airport can be found here.

  • In order to avoid any unpleasantness while travelling, we advise you to contact the carrier as soon as possible if you notice an error. Please note that most changes to your airline tickets will incur additional costs.

    • Lufthansa Service Centre: +48 22 512 3917
    • PLL LOT Hotline : + 48 22 577 77 55
    • SAS passenger hotline in Poland: 022 8500 500
    • Ryanair:
      Hotlines for passengers in Poland:  703 403 363 (emergency assistance); 703 303 033 (general information)
      Information on the possibility of correcting minor errors on the flight ticket
    • Wizz Air:
      Hotlines for passengers in Poland: 703703003
      Online correction of information
  • On the carriers’ websites, you can check not only the current prices of airline tickets, but also purchase them.

    Poznań airport offers flights of the following regular airlines:

    • PLL LOT,
    • SAS,
    • KLM,
    • RYANAIR,

    Tickets can also be booked through the airport’s website..

In case of doubt, please also contact the Airport Information Point.