Public transport

Tickets are available at kiosks located in the departure terminal and at the ticket machine located at the bus stop outside the terminal. Ticket machines are also installed in an increasing number of vehicles – at the entrance to the bus there is a sticker informing about the possibility of purchasing tickets on the bus –more information. In the ticket machine you can only pay with coins with the following denominations:
PLN 0.10, PLN 0.20, PLN 0.50, PLN 1, PLN 2, PLN 5 (the machine gives change).

Check the route and location of bus stops on the ZTM site:
Line 159
Line 148
Night Line 222

NOTE The Line 148 bus stop is located at Malachowska Str., about 200m south of the passenger terminal.

It is also possible to purchase a ticket via a mobile phone using the following services:

Estimated travel time from the city centre to the airport is approx. 20-25 minutes (16 stops).
Information on long-term tickets and weekend special offers can be found here.


Poznań-Ławica Airport is located at 285 Bukowska Str. (provincial road No. 307), approx. 7 km west of the city centre.

The most comfortable access from the east and south is via the Poznań free section of the A2 motorway.
Driving the A2 towards Świecko, turn right at the Poznań-West junction and take the S-11 express road to provincial road 307 (exit: Poznań-Ławica junction) which leads directly to the Poznań Port.
This route is also the most convenient for drivers coming from the west.
Driving towards Warsaw, they turn left at the Poznań-West junction and, as in the above description, via the S-11 road go to provincial road No. 307 leading to the Port.
However, for people coming from the north, the most comfortable is the S-11 expressway, and then – via the Poznań-Ławica junction – the exit to provincial road No. 307 leading to the Port.


We recommend choosing a taxi corporation cooperating with the airport. Networks that can park without time limits directly at the arrivals hall.

Download Taxi application.