Security Control Point

Babies and children are subject to the same screening procedure as accompanying adults.
The guardian, the child and their hand luggage are screened and may also be subjected to additional manual checks or checks using explosives trace detection (ETD) devices.

Passage through the Security Control Point

  • take off the child’s outer clothing and headgear, and then put the things in a hand luggage box,
  • babies and small children should be taken out of baby carriers and strollers,
  • strollers and carriers should be emptied of all additional objects, folded and given to the operator for inspection or placed in a hand luggage box for x-ray examination;in the event of a problem with folding the stroller, report this fact to the operator who will send the stroller for manual inspection,
  • you should put your hand luggage in the box and show all liquids for inspection separately, including those carried for infants during air travel,
  • infants and small children are transported through the gate for metal detection on their hands by the guardian, older children go through the control gate on their own,,
  • in the event of an alarm being triggered when a passenger holding an infant passes through the gate, both persons will be checked again.

Amenities / entertainment in the passenger terminal

  • changing rooms at the toilets in the public and restricted areas,
  • a toy machine in the public area,
  • toy vehicles (racer, helicopter) in the public area,
  • Fun&Leisure zone (departure hall of the Schengen zone),
  • mini playground (departure hall of the Non-Schengen zone).