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Towards the sea

On the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in the Dalmatian region, is located Zadar – one of the most popular holiday resorts in Croatia. This part of the Adriatic Sea, full of small bays, islands and islets, attracts lovers of sea adventures. Below is a list of attractions not to be missed!

Church of St. Donata

It comes from the 9th century and is the only building of this type in Europe, from pre-Romanesque times. It has the shape of a rotunda, and fragments of Roman structures were used in its construction. It is the most famous monument and symbol of Zadar.

Historic Gates

They mark two main parts of Zadar. The land gate (in Croatian Kopnena Vrata), modeled on the triumphal arch, leads to the old town. The sea gate (Morska vrata in Croatian), decorated with a Venetian lion and the city’s coat of arms, leads to the port.
Sea organ
The first sea organ in the world is located on the promenade in the old town, which creates music by the action of the sea waves. The organ is built into the stairs on which walkers rest and have the opportunity to listen to real concerts!

Greeting to the Sun

Circular installation with a diameter of 22 meters, composed of multilayer solar panels. During the day, they are charged with solar energy to emit light in the evening. It is also probably the best place to admire the most beautiful sunset in all of Croatia!

Island of Ugljan

It is located 3 km from Zadar and the ferry crossing takes less than half an hour. Plan a full day hiking around the island. See you for sure Fortress of St. Michael, built by the Venetians in the thirteenth century at an altitude of almost 300 m. From here there is a stunning view not only of Zadar, but dozens of islands.

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City transport in Zadar

There are 12 bus lines connecting all major parts of the city. A single ticket is HRK 10 (about PLN 5), a ticket for two journeys is HRK 16 (about PLN 8, valid for 15 days). You can also purchase a pass for 10 individual tickets. Children up to 5 years of age travel free of charge accompanied by an adult. Tickets are sold: directly from the driver, at the kiosk “Liburnija” d.o.o. locco at the bus station, at all Tisak kiosks.

Practical hint

The Dalmatian region in which Zadar is located is full of islands, which is why transport by ferry and boat is very popular. The most famous transport company is “Jadrolinija”, which transports passengers and cars along the Dalmatian coast.

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The Airport

Zadar airport (IATA code: ZAD, ICAO code: LDZD) is located 7 km from the city center, and the journey takes only several minutes. You can use public transport – the bus stop is located right in front of the arrivals hall, and the journey costs HRK 25.