Attractions in Sicily


the most active volcano in Europe, the showcase of Sicily, is a must-see on the map of every tourist visiting this place. The volcano with a height of over 3,300 meters is an extraordinary place full of areas where we feel as if we were walking on the moon, and equally breathtaking views, it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


the capital of Sicily, where we certainly won’t be bored! Here you will find as many as 7 buildings on the UNESCO list, unique street food, unusual markets, and places full of alternative culture and street art. This city is bustling with life every day and every hour.


a charming fishing town, located east of Palermo, at the foot of the Rocca massif, is one of those places where we will feel the true taste of Sicily and the everyday life of its inhabitants. Narrow streets and pubs overlooking the sea are a foretaste of this place. It is worth visiting the 12th-century cathedral, which has unique architecture combining Arabic, Norman and Byzantine styles, or the medieval public laundry, which functions thanks to troughs carved in the rock.


a city that is the quintessence and at the same time one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. There is, for example, an ancient Greek amphitheater that can accommodate over 5,000 people, where concerts and performances are still held today, as well as one of the most famous film festivals in the world. To fully appreciate the beauty so much praised by the city’s poets, it is worth taking a walk to the public park, full of Mediterranean plants, or to the cathedral square with a delightful baroque fountain.

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