Piazza Mercantile

The main square and former center of city life is Piazza Mercantile. There are palaces of the former municipal authorities – Palazzo del Sedile and Palazzo della Dogana. In Piazza Federico di Svevia stands the magnificent Castello Normano Svevo. An impressive stone bridge leads to the castle surrounded by two rows of walls. From Bari Airport to the city center you can take the city bus number 16 in about half an hour.

Polignano a Mare

The town in the province of Bari is distinguished by its picturesque location on a low but steep cliff. The bare white rocks that grind the waves of the Adriatic are a characteristic landscape for this part of the Apulian coast. The beach in Polignano a Mare is among the best in Italy. Polignano is very easy to reach from Bari in 15 minutes by car and 20 minutes by train.

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