We are also opening the observation deck so that you can enjoy the view of aircraft taking off and landing again.
Other rules, including compulsory temperature measurement, the obligation to wear protective masks and the need to maintain social distance, still apply.

We would like to remind you of the most important rules:

  1. Entry to the airport is possible only through the Departures terminal.
  2. The exit from the Arrivals hall is for arriving passengers only. It is not possible to enter the Airport area through it.
  3. It is not possible to switch between the Departures and Arrivals terminals.
  4. All enters are subject to mandatory temperature measurement.
  5. Persons with a temperature ≥ 38°C will not be admitted to the terminal.
  6. Passengers with symptoms suggesting the possibility of COVID-19 infection (fever ≥ 38°C, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms) will not be allowed to continue their journey.
  7. All persons (except for children under 5 years of age) are required to wear protective masks that cover their mouth and nose.
  8. All passengers are required to keep a distance of 1.5 m: during check-in, passport control, security check, and before boarding, during boarding and disembarking, and baggage claim.
  9. In order to maintain a safe distance, some of the seats in the terminal have been excluded from use.
  10. All persons are obliged to follow the rules of hygiene: disinfect their hands, cover their mouth and nose (with a handkerchief, clothes or elbow bend) when coughing or sneezing.

We have marked a passenger path in the area of:

  • entrances to the Departure hall,
  • exits from the Arrivals hall,
  • approaches to check-in in the Check-In hall,
  • approaches to the security check area,
  • approaches to a dedicated Gate,
  • approaches to luggage claim in the Arrivals hall,
  • at the Airport Information Point.

All airport employees make every effort to ensure that passengers can travel comfortably and safely. Please respect the applicable rules and thank you for your understanding.