At Poznań Airport, the gates are located in the departure hall, in the Non-Schengen traffic zone.

The ABC Gates are available to citizens of EU Member States and citizens of the European economic area and Switzerland who:

  • are 18 years old,
  • are from 120 to 220 cm tall,
  • have a passport or biometric proof (biometric proof applies only to citizens of the Republic of Poland).

To perform border checks yourself:

  1. Prepare the document (without any case) and go to the gate. If there is a green arrow at the top of the gate, it means that the passenger can proceed to the inspection.
  2. Place the passport against the reader with the side with the photo on it; in the case of an ID card – the reverse. After a few seconds, an arrow will appear on the screen and the gate will open.
  3. Go inside and stand in the designated area marked with the illustration of blue feet.
    If the passenger is wearing glasses or a hat – take them off. It is important to look centrally at the scanner.
  4. Wait until the data verification in IT systems and databases is completed.
  5. After opening the gate door, go through and continue your journey.

See the video

Automatic border control at Poznań-Ławica Airport

If it becomes necessary to perform additional checks in the databases operated by the Border Guard, the exit door will be opened by the officer supervising the gates.

In justified cases, such as lack of data for comparison or technical errors, the traveller will be referred for re-inspection using one of the remaining ABC Gates or for traditional border control performed at manual stations.

In life and/or health-threatening situations, break the safety glass and press the red emergency button on the right inside the ABC Gate.

If it is not possible to press the emergency button, any situation that may affect life and/or health should be reported to a Border Guard officer.