• 1913

    August 26

    The German authorities built a military airport in the area of approximately 300 ha in the village of Ławica near Poznań.
    The building was officially opened by Emperor Wilhelm II.
    The airport had hangars for 30 aircraft, workshops and barracks of a special military unit dealing with the training of pilots as well as aircraft maintenance and repair.
  • 1913
    Establishment of the Polish Aero Club.
  • 1921

    May 29 - June 6

    Regular domestic air transport performed by the first Polish air transport company “Aero-Targ”, recognised as the beginning of Polish air transport; during the Poznań Fair, a total of 28 flights took place on the Poznań-Warsaw-Poznań route and 30 – on the Poznań-Gdańsk-Poznań route.
  • 1923
    Establishment of one of the first aircraft manufacturing plants in Poland under the name Spółka Akcyjna “Samolot”.
  • 1925

    May 23

    Opening of the first regular connection on the Poznań-Warsaw-Poznań route, tantamount to starting a civil airport; the connection was launched by the “Aero” Aviation Communication Society.
  • 1928
    Establishment of the LOT Airlines company (later PLL “LOT”), which launched flights on the route Katowice-Poznań, Poznań – Bydgoszcz – Gdańsk and Warsaw – Poznań – Berlin (together with “Deutsche Lutfhansa”).