The service is available during the opening hours of Business Executive Lounge.

Drive Me
ECO comfort for passengers

✈︎ from terminal to aircraft or
✈︎ from the plane to the arrivals hall.

A passenger using the service during departure waits for boarding to begin in the BEL Lounge and, depending on individual preferences, is taken to board as the first or last. The DriveMe service upon arrival ensures that you get to the arrivals hall before other passengers of the cruise.

Passenger service at the Poznań-Ławica Airport, thanks to cooperation with our long-term partner Mercedes-Benz MB Motors Poznań, is carried out by a comfortable, fully electric Mercedes EQV, which we use to transport passengers from VIP terminal directly to the plane. Thanks to its spaciousness, we can provide service for up to 6 people at one time.

Mercedes-Benz MB Motors Poznań

At the disposal of our passengers:

– Fully electric Mercedes EQV,
– Transport for up to 6 people from the VIP terminal directly to the plane.

We encourage not only individual customers, but also entire families to use this service!

80 PLN

Drive Me