Ryanair, Europe’s and Poland’s No. 1 airline, today (March 5) announced a new, record-breaking flight schedule for Poznań for the S24 season, with over 250 flights per week on 38 routes, including 6 exciting new destinations. As part of the expansion of its presence in Poznań, Ryanair will base an additional aircraft at this airport for summer 2024, supporting over 1,200 jobs (including highly paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers) in the region.

The Ryanair Poznań S24 flight timetable includes:

6 new routes – Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Malaga, Palermo, Prague and Thessaloniki (38 routes in total)
1 new based aircraft (4 in total – investment USD 400 million) (+1 compared to the S23 schedule)
• Over 1.4 million passengers in the S24 season (+57%)
250+ flights per week (largest schedule ever)
• Supporting over 1,200 jobs

Ryanair is committed to further development and investment in Poznań. That’s why it’s adding 6 new routes (38 in total) in the largest summer schedule ever. As part of this record-breaking plan, Ryanair will provide 1 additional aircraft for summer ’24 (an additional USD 100 million investment), increasing the total Ryanair fleet in Poznań to 4 – including 1 “Gamechanger” 8-200 (4% more seats, 16% fewer CO2). To celebrate the record S24 flight schedule and 6 new routes for Poznań, Ryanair has launched a 3-day ticket sale from PLN 129, available only at www.ryanair.com/pl.

6 nowych tras S24

✈︎ Kopenhaga
✈︎ Dubrownik
✈︎ Malaga
✈︎ Palermo
✈︎ Praga
✈︎ Saloniki

Jason McGuinness, Chief Commercial Officer at Ryanair, said in Poznań:

“This year, Ryanair will invest a record amount of USD 4.2 billion in Poland, ensuring growth throughout the country except Modlin. Ryanair, the largest carrier in Europe and the largest airline in Poland, is pleased to confirm its position as the number one in Poland, while other airlines either refuse or are unable to restore pre-COVID-19 capacity levels or generate growth.

Ryanair is the only airline that is growing significantly in Poland and Europe. Today we are announcing a record summer flight schedule for Poznań on S24, covering 38 routes, including 6 exciting new destinations: Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Malaga, Palermo, Prague and Thessaloniki. This growth is supported by Ryanair’s commitment to Poznań Airport, adding 1 new base aircraft to S24 (+3 compared to the pre-COVID-19 period). This brings the total Ryanair fleet based in Poznań to 4, including 1 “Gamechanger” 8-200 (delivering 4% more seats, 16% less CO2), supporting over 1,200 jobs in the region. To celebrate the record S24 flight schedule for Poznań, Ryanair has launched a 3-day sale of tickets from PLN 129, available exclusively at www.ryanair.com/pl.

Meanwhile, Ryanair continues to invest and develop routes and air traffic in Poznań and across Poland, Modlin will lose 10 routes, 2 aircraft and will have 20% less traffic – leading to the loss of over 1 million seats to and from Modlin this year year. The Modlin airport management is to blame for this, as it did not invest in the effective expansion of the terminal or introduce competitive airport fees, as other airports in Europe and Poland do. The inaction of the Modlin management team will have long-term consequences for traffic, tourism and jobs in the Masovian region. We call on airport stakeholders to intervene urgently or risk further loss of connectivity, jobs and economic revenue for the region.”

Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań, said:

“2023 was the best year in over a hundred years of history of the Poznań airport, which served nearly 3 million passengers. It is clear that after the pandemic, Poznań residents are more willing to use an increasingly larger flight network, says Jacek Jaśkowiak, the mayor of Poznań. – We are particularly pleased that, in addition to the previously announced connections that will launch this year – to Dubrovnik, Copenhagen, Thessaloniki and Prague – a new destination will be added. Poznań, thanks to the Ławica airport, is perfectly connected with many cities around the world.”

Grzegorz Bykowski, Vice-President of the Poznań Ławica Airport Management Board, added:

“On the threshold of the 2024 high season, we have only good news for our passengers! Close cooperation with the Ryanair airline has recently generated new products that we have not had in Ławica for a long time. The end of last year brought us Lisbon, which is extremely popular, and now this year’s hits for Summer 2024 are already widely known: Palermo, Dubrovnik, Prague, Thessaloniki and Copenhagen. And if someone was expecting something unexpected, now they can plan a shorter or longer stay in the south of Spain! Three hours of flight and we have Malaga! And these are not all the advantages of Ryanair’s completely new development plans in Poznań. Malaga is an additional, based plane, and if so, we also use more rotations in other directions. Now we have 6 new products, additional rotations for Summer ’24 from Ryanair – look for them in the reservation systems of this carrier! Fly with Prosto z Poznań.”