On the 105th anniversary of the capture of Ławica airport by the Greater Poland Insurgents, ceremonies will be held to pay tribute to the heroes of those difficult times and they have been divided into two parts. The official part at the Monument to the Conquerors of Ławica, during which wreaths and bouquets will be laid by invited guests and residents of Poznań, and occasional speeches will be delivered. The second part is a historical picnic, the program of which primarily includes the reconstruction of historical events from over 100 years ago. We cordially invite you to the whole thing.

Start at 12.00– the detailed program is presented below.


105th Anniversary of the Capture of Ławica Airport

Celebration of the 105th Anniversary of the Capture of Ławica – Celebration program

Organizer:The Poznań Aero Club Senior Aviation Club and the Polish Military Aviation Senior Association

January 6, 2024

12.00 p.m
Place: Monument to the Conquerors of Ławica at the old airport terminal (Bukowska Street)

Official part at the Monument to the Conquerors of Ławica

– Greeting guests,
– Speeches by representatives of invited guests – Representatives of City Authorities, Organizers, Organizations, Airport, US Army,
– Paying tribute and flowers at the monument,
– Paying tribute to the Greater Poland Airmen murdered in Katyn – lighting symbolic candles at the commemorative plaques at the “Oaks of Remembrance”,
– The ceremony is attended by guests invited by the organizer of the official ceremony: city authorities, representatives of the 31st Tactical Air Base and other distinguished guests, representatives of the V. US Army Corps,
– Ceremonies accompanied by flag posts and the Military Orchestra.

Organizer:Poznań-Ławica Airport

Realization:Ławica Air Station (Historical reconstruction)

1:00 p.m
Place: a clearing next to the monument to the Conquerors of Ławica

Historical picnic

Capture of the Shoal (reconstruction) – 5th edition

Open party

– Welcome, presentation of the program and historical reconstruction groups,
– Reconstruction/staging of the events of the Capture of Ławica with the participation of reconstruction groups,
– Concert of patriotic and holiday songs (stage, sound system, lighting),
– Exhibition of military equipment, old vehicles (reconstruction groups),
– Show of representatives of the Poznań Uhlan Regiment,
– 2.30 p.m.: lecture in the hall of the Old Terminal “Shutters (Ławica, aviation units) 1918-1919” by Fr. Robert Kulczyński,
– Stands with military souvenirs for purchase by picnic visitors,
– Military catering: pea soup,
– Finishes around 4 p.m