For several years, Poznań Airport, observing global trends, has been taking various actions and considering the possibility of reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the natural environment in its initiatives and prepared investments.

The project we are implementing “Improvement of the energy efficiency of the Poznań-Ławica Airport based on its own green energy.” consists of two phases, covering two perspectives of EU funding – the period from 2014 to 2020 (current phase ) and the 2021-2027 perspective. The current part focuses on increasing energy efficiency and reducing the negative impact of the Port on the environment through the production and use of renewable energy sources (RES).

As part of the current phase of the project, for which funding was obtained from the Marshal’s Office of the Greater Poland Voivodeship for a total amount of PLN 5.188 million (40.2% of the project’s eligible expenses), the installation of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of nearly 4 MW was completed. This investment not only reduces our dependence on traditional energy sources, satisfying most of our energy needs, but also reduces the Port’s negative impact on the environment, contributing to the decarbonization of the environment. It is worth emphasizing that we have also purchased a specialized electric vehicle with workshop equipment, which will be used for ongoing energy servicing in the restricted part of the airport.

Renewable energy: Sustainable development in Poznań Airport

A system that produces green hydrogen from a photovoltaic farm, stores it and uses it at a local hydrogen refueling station.

As part of the project, the study “System producing green hydrogen from a photovoltaic farm, storing and using it at a local hydrogen refueling station” was also prepared, which is the organizational framework of the system producing “green” hydrogen, along with the entire system responsible for its storage and distribution together with a local hydrogen refueling station

As part of the developed strategy, investment in a large-scale photovoltaic farm (in two variants: 12.5 MW or 50 MW) is considered, using an electrolyzer with a capacity of 6 or 17 MW, respectively, which carries the prospect of producing nearly 200 tons of hydrogen (or over 700 tons in the larger variant). The prepared study takes into account the assumptions adopted in 2023. by the Management Board of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship of the Wielkopolska hydrogen development strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040.

The installation of a photovoltaic farm with such power is a pioneering investment in the country, located in the aviation part. Before it was launched, it underwent rigorous consultations with the Civil Aviation Office and the National Air Navigation Agency, aimed at ensuring the safety of air operations and minimizing disruptions to navigation systems.

It should be emphasized that thanks to the efforts of the Marshal’s Office, we received the opportunity to apply for additional funds in the amount of approximately PLN 1.2 million from the state budget, which may increase the level of co-financing for this project (in total up to a maximum of 52% of eligible costs). Currently, the parties have signed an annex to the financing agreement. Our initiative fits perfectly into the goals of the Development Strategy of the Greater Poland Voivodeship until 2030, contributing to achieving the assumed goals regarding sustainable development, clean energy and innovation.

The project “Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Poznań-Ławica Airport” not only changes our approach to energy production and not only increases our potential related to the possibility of generating energy from unconventional sources, but also outlines further activities related to the development of hydrogen energy and contributes to the creation of new jobs, developing the skills of our employees and increasing their competitiveness on the labor market.

We strive for sustainable development by investing in innovative technologies and ecological solutions. Through our activities, we want to be an example for other organizations and an inspiration for the entire community.


    • Project name:
      "Improving the energy efficiency of the Poznań-Ławica Airport based on its own green energy."
    • Program:
    • Within:
    • Priority Axis 3:
      Action 3.1. Production and distribution of energy from renewable sources
      Sub-measure 3.1.1. Production of energy from renewable energy sources
    • Total planned value of the project:
      PLN 19.812.223,77
    • Value of eligible expenses:
      PLN 11.457.761,88
    • Value of the requested funding:
      PLN 6.020.730,95
    • Completion date:
      18.09.2022 r – 29.12.2023 r.
    • Purpose:
      installation of infrastructure and implementation of electricity production - obtained from a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of up to 4 MW.
    • Effects:
      4 MW photovoltaic farm, electric vehicle (mobile technical security center, analysis of hydrogen production, storage and refueling infrastructure.