Entry to the toll zone,

is the main entrance to the airport so far. Check the coverage of this zone before entering!

Cheaper in the parking lot!

Check the full table in the price list .

Check the fullsize parking plan .

We invite all passengers to use our car parks if they want to PARK for a longer period!

  • Parking P1 is 6 PLN / hour
  • Parking P2 is 7 PLN / hour
  • Parking P4 is 8 PLN / hour

At the same time, we’ve opened a Free Parking Zone!

Free Parking Zone means that vehicles are parked for the time of picking up passengers traveling by air or for picking up arriving passengers. The zone will be under the supervision of municipal services, which will react in the event of unjustified abandonment of vehicles.

Entry and exit from the BP gas station.
Kiss&Fly Zone – 2 minutes from the Port building.