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Jordan, like no other country, allows you to feel the great importance of culture and history. Despite this, Jordan enjoys a reputation as a very modern country. The contrasts between “old” and “new” here are astonishing.


The capital of Jordan is located in the northern part of the country on a plateau reaching up to 850 m above sea level, about 100 km from the border with Syria. In the surrounding area, the first settlers appeared in the second millennium BC, while the first settlement mentioned in the Old Testament was called Rabbat Ammon and was the capital of the Ammonite people. This is where David’s son, King Solomon, built his temples, and the city was known under the name of Philadelphos in Roman and Byzantine times.

The Nabataeans of Petra became interested in the area, and they displaced them around 30 B.C.E. the army of Herod the Great, and the ruling Arabs in later centuries were conquered by Ottoman Türkiye.

After the First World War, Amman was just a small settlement, which gained importance after the Second World War, receiving the first wave of Palestinian refugees.

The modern center began to grow on the hills of Jabal Amman and Abdali, covering several more hills, which are now accessible to tourists.

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