1. When registering, please show ID ,
  2. Legible and correct filling in of the form is a prerequisite for an effective process, especially when sending the test result to an e-mail address or telephone.

Airport tests

We recommend online registration before testing at the airport, if possible – it allows for correct data entry into the system. If you do not apply for the test, your data will not be used.

Registration for tests carried out at the Poznań airport is also possible stationary. The process streamlines the completion of the form available at the waiting point, before approaching the registration point.

Where to test?

At the Poznań airport, tests for the presence of the COVID-19 virus are currently performed by laboratory DNA Research Center

Details in the table below:


Online registration is not mandatory

    • Centrum Badań DNA

    • Working Hours

      Thursday and Friday
      6:00am - 4:00pm

    • Registration

      Via the Internet - fill out the form

      At the registration point - it is advisable to complete the questionnaire before approaching the registration point (forms available at the registration point).

    • Payment

      Via the Internet - PayU internet payments

      At the registration point - cash and payment cards

    • Who can use the Test at the Airport?

      Poznań-Ławica Airport Passengers.

    • Location

      Departure Terminal:
      public hall, east exit

    • Payment methods

      Cash or credit / debit card with landline registration.

      On-line when registering on-line.

    • How to receive test results

      - In electronic version sent to the customer's email address or on the phone,
      - Print version issued at registration authority,
      - Polish and English version on request, included in the price of the test.

    • Process organization

      1. Stationary registration at the registration point (Necessary even with prior on-line registration) ,
      2. Taking the sample.
      3. Receiving the result.

Types of tests and pricing

Check the available types of tests performed at the airport. Details in the table below:


      Centrum Badań DNA

    • Price

      149 zł

    • Time to wait for result

      15 minutes

    • Recommended airport test time in case of departure

      3 hours before departure



    • RT-LAMP

      Centrum Badań DNA

    • Price

      219 zł

    • Time to wait for result

      1 hour

    • Recommended airport test time in case of departure

      at least 3 hours before departure



    • RT-PCR

      Centrum Badań DNA

    • Price

      290 zł

    • Time to wait for result

      24 hours

    • Recommended airport test time in case of departure

      At least 24 hours before departure during DNA Research Center opening hours, by appointment


      requires prior confirmation of the due date with the diagnostic point

Country entry rules

Each country determines the rules for entering its territory. Due to frequent changes in regulations, each passenger should read information about the specific country of his travel destination. The PLF (Passenger Locator Form) may also be a necessary element in the journey, the completion of which is the passenger’s responsibility. If the completed form is not completed, it may be the basis for not boarding the plane. PLF templates can be found on government websites of target countries.

Passengers reporting to a point that performs COVID-19 tests, are obliged to know the rules regarding the required test and its validity period. The staff of points performing COVID-19 tests are not required to know the rules for entry to all countries that may be the destination of a trip starting in Poznań.

Airport Information Point

The staff the Airport Information Point makes every effort to support Passengers and Guests of the airport by providing information by phone and in the form of e-mail. We monitor changes in regulations on an ongoing basis, and we would like to remind you that the passenger is the only person who has full knowledge of his situation and travel plans and should look for source information.