World-class business

Thanks to its attractive location, Poznań is a very important business center on the map of Poland. The proximity of Warsaw and Berlin and the availability of qualified specialists provide opportunities for development – especially for companies from the modern business services and IT sectors.
Volkswagen, Franklin Templeton, Bridgestone, GSK, TomTom, Nivea, Allegro and many other global brands have been operating in Poznań for years. Modern office spaces are waiting for new investors in virtually every part of the city.

Energy of students

Every fifth inhabitant of Poznań is a student! The city has 25 universities that educate over 113,000 young people. The offer of Poznań universities is distinguished by economic and philological studies at a very high level, as well as technical and IT studies, which attract future engineers to Poznań.

The offer of the MTP Poznan Expo

Poznań International Fair invites you all year round. The largest events that take place on the MTP grounds are the Poznań Motor Show, Pyrkon Fantasy Convention and Poznań Game Arena. Thousands of guests visit Poznań to learn about the latest trends, thanks to numerous industry fairs and conferences.

Rich cultural offer

Poznań is a real cultural center, thanks to several dozen annual events – the Zamek Culture Center hosts: OFF CINEMA – documentary film festival, Animator – international animated film festival, or Short Waves Festival for fans of short films. Poznań is also the host of the Malta Festival – an event for years gathering thousands of participants who experience alternative art in the urban space.

Music festivals for the demanding audience

Spring and summer are the period of open-air concerts and music festivals in Poznań – the Ethno Port Festival is considered one of the top 25 world music festivals in the world. Enea Spring Break is an event that allows participants to get to know numerous Poznań concert halls, clubs and pubs during four days filled with concerts by artists from around the world. On the other hand, holiday weekends in our city are attractive, thanks to free concerts Na Waves, which take place at two Poznań lakes – Malta and Strzeszyński.

Sports and recreation space

Perfectly organized sports competitions for amateurs and professionals take place in Poznań: Poznań Maraton, Poznań Bike Challenge and Super League Triathlon Poznań. Football fans support the extra-league team of Lech Poznań. Poznań also offers one of the most charmingly situated regatta courses in the world. The city is surrounded by four lakes that give space to fans of running, Nordic walking, swimming, rowing or just barbecuing.

Attractions you won’t find anywhere else

In Poznań, don’t forget to try the St. Martin’s Croissant! It tastes great especially on November 11, when we celebrate the name day of St. Marcin. It is also worth visiting Poznań in December, when the Poznań Ice Festival and Poznań Bethlehem are held.