Main investment tasks carried out as part of the Project:

  1. Preparation of design documentation for a photovoltaic installation
    ✈︎ including: construction design, technical conditions for connection to the power grid, Project Information Card and obtaining an Environmental Decision
    ✈︎ conceptual and design documentation for a system producing green hydrogen from a photovoltaic farm
  2. Purchase and delivery of a vehicle powered by an electric engine:
    ✈︎ mobile technical security center dedicated to servicing airport devices and infrastructure
  3. Development of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 3.98 MW
    ✈︎ including: detailed design and construction and assembly works in the field of photovoltaic installation with accompanying infrastructure

The implementation of the Project will contribute toimprovement of energy efficiency
in the operation of the Poznań Airport.

Project value:

✈︎ PLN 19,812,223.77

Value of co-financing from the European Union from the Regional Development Fund under the Greater Poland Regional Operational Program 2014-2020:

✈︎ PLN 5,188,308.00